Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chinese-style egg custard

I love egg custard. This is genetic, I think. At least I am fairly certain that my mother feels the same way and I have fond memories of eating the stuff as a kiddie. So I was interested to hear how Chinese-style egg custard compared to my childhood memories. As it turns out, it's exactly the same! Or at least, I couldn't remember my childhood well enough to come up with any differences. I'm probably blocking out some sort of traumatic memories and managed to erase those as well as the egg custard.

But don't they say that replacing old memories with new memories is the way forward? The custard in Hong Kong was yummy.

But then at Lei Garden, a Michelin starred dim sum place, the custard turned sublime. Custard dim sum.

I love you, Hong Kong.


  1. Are these custards made with milk? That seems so un-Chinese. But presumably someplace called Australia Dairy doesn't shy away from milk products...unless it's a misspelling and they meant "Australia Diary."

  2. It's gotta be dairy. It was wonderful. I don't think the place had anything to do with Australia, it was a traditional Hong Kong cafe (according to Asta).

  3. When in Hong Kong I tried a dish called "Fried Milk" that was delightfully light and pudding-like. But when I ordered a glass of milk in restaurants, the waitresses would bring it with scarcely concealed repulsion. That made me reconsider the milk-drinking fetish we were brought up with. The Asians by and large were looking much healthier and fitter than myself and my cohorts.

  4. Can you blame them? Who orders milk in restaurants?