Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mission burritos

Everytime I leave California, I shed a tear for the burritos from San Francisco's Mission district. Why can't we be together forever? I'll be back for you someday, "little donkey."

El Tonayense restaurant (they also have a taco truck)3150 24th St, San Francisco, Calfornia

I'm heading off to Cambodia tomorrow, so please stayed tuned for the next installment of my Asian culinary adventures.


  1. The only time I ever spent in the states was in San Francisco. I spent the first week there in a dorm room sick thanks to the sea food linguine served on the plane.

    The second week I put back on all the weight I had lost thanks to the local burritos.

    Best I've ever had to this day...in fact I think I am still hoping to find something of a similar standard. Somewhere. One day.

  2. You will never find anything like it outside of California is what I hear. Even in Mexico or Texas the other two top possibilities. You can find great burritos in LA though, I've been told.