Thursday, June 10, 2010


If there's one thing they love in Bolivia, it's meat. If there's another, it's French fries. (If there's one thing they don't love, it's making their long distance buses even slightly comfortable, but that's another story.) Most meals in Bolivia--even the ones that already have a serving of rice--come with a side of fries. Even potatoes come with a side of fries. So when I got this giant plate of meat, I was fairly surprised to find that there wasn't a French fry to be seen.

Oh you wily Bolvianos! The fries were just hidden under the chuleta a la plancha, aka grilled steak. As if a plate of rice porridge, steak and (potentially unwashed) vegetables wasn't enough!

The above game of French fry peek-a-boo was brought to you by a three course meal (plus linaza, a flax seed beverage) for a sum total of $1.70.

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