Monday, June 21, 2010

Korean food in Peru

It's no secret that I eat Korean food when I'm stressed out. And it's no secret that learning new things stresses me out. So when I had my Spanish class--4 hours in a row one on one with a teacher that didn't speak much English--I finished the session near tears and the only thing I could think of to quell my discomfort was a giant Korean dinner.

As usual, there are always some sort odd substitutions or additions based on what's available. This time there were red onions in the bimbimbap, which was served with a plate of shredded lettuce. Regardless of the relative poverty level of the country I'm in, a Korean lunch always costs two to three times as much as local fare, but due to its calming effect on me, it's always worth it. And this one was definitely on the better end of the scale for Korean food in random locals.

Sa Rang Che, Calle Procuradores 341, Cusco, Peru


  1. can you tell me what the dish is with the egg on top?

    p.s. hi linda we used to be friends on irc many moons ago. cheers.