Saturday, April 3, 2010

Meiji Lucky

And another riff on the old Pocky tune: Meiji's Lucky.


Although this is a complete Pocky ripoff, I'm willing to give these guys a chance. Meiji are also the makers of Yan Yan, which are covered in such animal-related witticisms as "Mole, in a hole" and "Rhinoceros, think big."

Yan Yan are basically dunk sticks with a bucket of creamy chocolate deliciousness. These are ones that although I enjoy, I'm generally too ashamed to purchase them as I feel that an elegant lady such as myself shouldn't be seen with my paws covered in brown goo and they're generally disgusting.

But even better than Yan Yan are Hello Panda. I don't have pictures of these but they are small nuggets of joy filled with the brown goo and stamped with a picture of pandas playing sports and things.

So, in summary, these are Pocky rip-offs but I like Hello Panda.


  1. Hello Panda is my favourite too.

  2. They are really addictive. I'm ashamed to admit that I eat them whenever I find them, which in Korea was like, every day.

  3. red faced ambiguousApril 6, 2010 at 2:06 PM

    More denatured refined carbs. We have enough of those here in the United Snakes! Please eat something more interesting. Snakes,palm fronds, insects,dogs, people?