Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mi Quang noodles mmmmmm

Friends, I don't know what these noodles were called, but I do know this--they cost $1, they tasted awesome and I got them at a place called Mi Qung Hoi An in Nha Trang, Vietnam, which was otherwise a culinary wasteland.

Yeah, that's a quail egg. The noodles were quite thick, almost udon-sized and it came with a rice cracker to crumble in it.

Anyone know what this delicious dish is called? Mi Quang! Vietnamese Turmeric Noodles!

Thank you very much to the Ravenous Couple, who in addition to being very hungry are experts in all forms of Vietnamese noodles. This dish is called mi quang and you can read their post about it here.

Now that I am reading their post I realize that I should have mentioned the turmeric and really there wasn't quite as much soup as I had remembered. This is why I shouldn't wait two days to post things, eh?


  1. from the name of the restaurant, it should be Mi Quang or some variation of it. Mi quang does have peanuts and rice crackers, but typically the noodles are flavored with turmeric


  2. I just drooled all over my keyboard. YUM! Looks like a dollar well spent. If you're ever back in Japan I would love to share a meal with you. I feel a blogger kinship, as I am also a Bay Area native and an Asian food fanatic. Perhaps someday our chopstick paths can cross!

  3. I'm hoping I will get back to Japan at some point on this trip. Just find some work, first! (shiver)