Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How civilized!

One of my constant laments about Oakland when I lived there was the complete lack of Korean delivery despite the abundance of great Korean restaurants. Visiting Korea showed me that many of my favorite Korean restaurants in California are true to their Korean roots--the dishes taste very similar. A few ways they differ: Korean seafood pancakes (pajeon) are served as starters in the US. In Korea they aren't served at restaurants, they are bar or street food.

The other big difference? In Korea they love to deliver your dinner straight to your door, and they give you real plates. That's right. Your bibimbap comes in a stone pot and when you are done eating it you leave it on your doorstep and the delivery guy comes back and gets it. Pretty sweet deal when you consider the fact that it only cost $4.50 to begin with and the delivery guy isn't expecting a tip for either of his journeys to get it to you.


  1. I wish the takeout places in NYC would give us dishes and pick them up. We end up keeping the plastic containers for storage, and now my cabinets are bursting with containers and lids. I hate it. Literally, they fall on me when I open my cabinets.

    On the other hand, throwing out storage containers is much easier than finding space in my mini-dishwasher.

  2. You don't have to eat behind closed doors. Go and "throw yourself upon the town" in the phrase of Charles Dickens, and force them to accept your offensively causasian presence.

  3. I know, I know, it just gets exhausting sometimes!