Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chinese Pocky

In China they have Pocky just like they do in Japan, but more. This is true of a lot of things in China. There are more people, there are more cars, there are more feral dogs in the street but most importantly, there are more flavors of Pocky. Way more.

Coffee, strawberry, blueberry, strawberries and cream, banana, milk, chocolate, green tea, caramel (?) almond, chocolate on chocolate, and then there are the mousse varieties, which have double the flavor coating (too much in fact): mango, almond, milk, chocolate and several variations therein.

I took home four flavors (the ones pictured above plus chocolate) and spent the next 2 days making myself sick on them. I am hoping if I just eat enough of these I will tire of them and move onto something less blatantly unhealthy like cigarettes or hot dog eating contests.


  1. Those look totally unappetizing. Do you buy them to blend in with the population? I doubt that's working!
    I'm waiting for some commentary on toilets, public and otherwise. They provide a window onto the culture as complete as the food.

  2. hi lina!

    not sure if you remember me, but I'm Kat, we worked together in AW back in the day - I found your blog posted on epitaph; awesome!

  3. wtb

    wtb=what the barney