Monday, November 23, 2009

Ramen museum photobooth pictures

Just in case you thought I was lying, there actually is a photobooth at the Yokohama Ramen Museum and I actually did pay to use it.

The first one says "ramen" up top and I'm not sure what it says on the bottom. The other one has a street name on the top and down the side it says "Just one more bowl." Sounds about right. If any of you multilinguists out there have better translations, please enlighten me.


  1. left hand side one, bottom text says "Shin Yokohama Ramen museum".

    Right hand side one, text on top (street name sign) says, "Maito-gai", "gai" means street, which is a play on words with one of 1960's Japanese film star's nick name "Mite guy" (dynamite man).

    "Just one more bowl" is alos play on words, as in Japanese usually this sentense means "one (more drink) for the road" , but here it refer ramen bowl instead of booze.

    Explaination(translatioon)of those words in Englsih doesnt represent how it can sound funny in oroginal Japanese....