Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Pocky Day!

Today, 11/11 is Pocky Day. Many happy returns.

Pocky are these thin breadstick things coated in chocolate, or strawberry or white milky crap. They are additively good and I eat at least a box every day in Japan. They even have a special "Men's Pocky" made from "bitter chocolate." Who knew men liked bitter so much? Oh wait, me.

Apparently the "holiday" was started in 1999, which is 11 somehow in one of the many ways of counting years in Japan. So 11/11/11 which sort of looks like six sticks of Pocky next to each other.

It feels sort of wrong to even promote this sort of thing, it's very much like Hallmark trying to sell us on "Administrative Assistant's Day" but I can't stop myself. Go Pocky.


  1. I hope they're not from China! Can you tell from the package?

  2. They are definitely from Japan. Korea also has their own brand and you can't find Pockys in Korea.

  3. I used to play a game called Pocky and Rocky on the SNES. It was bloody addictive too...


  4. Simon, the company that makes that video game is the same one that owns Gyoza Stadium and Ice Cream City!