Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gwangju's Namdo Traditional Foods Museum

Although in possession of a rather spiffy website and an enticing name, the Namdo Traditional Foods Museum was, unlike the Korean food that it showcases, pretty bland. This is probably because it was all in Korean, but there was only one real room of exhibits and they didn't bother turning on the lights in some places. The museum appears to be mainly for events, but I wasn't able to figure it out. Stick to the food in Gwangju if you're short on time.


  1. This looks like a super interesting museum!

    Hey, if you're ever looking to hang out in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan, I'm an English teacher living up north near the Amanohashidate. :P Good luck on your travels!

  2. Thanks! I've already been through Japan but might swing by one more time on my way home.

  3. I went through there about a month before you, and yes, a bit tough unless your Korean is expert.

    I notice now that the KTO site says you can book a translator if you call ahead...