Monday, October 17, 2011

Some Cambodian food stories

I've had a couple of food articles out lately -- if you're looking for more info on the Cambodian food scene, please check 'em out.

Outtake from the delicious Cambodian dishes -- taken at 54 Langeach Sros on St 178, Phnom Penh.

10 Delicious Cambodian Dishes at CNN Go

Destination Cambodia: It'll all end in beers. An article about Phnom Penh beer gardens -- where to drink and what to eat. From the South China Morning Post.

My street food series on Travelfish:

Phnom Penh street food: Bai sach chrouk
Phnom Penh street food: Coconut milk desserts
Phnom Penh street food: Nom banh chok
Eating crickets in Phnom Penh

I've got a lot more food stories and restaurant reviews on the Travelfish Phnom Penh blog, if you're interested.

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