Saturday, July 17, 2010

Argentinian tapas in Mendoza

To celebrate our final day traveling together, Masha and I went on a leisurely bicycle ride through Mendoza's wine region in Argentina. By leisurely I mean that I was huffing and puffing the whole way and complaining that it wasn't as beautiful as Napa (it's hard to deny my roots sometimes). After only making it a few kilometers we stopped for a light lunch and ended up with a nine course meal and a bottle of local Malbec.

Homemade bread with various vegetable spreads

"Chicken loll pop with scented acid cream with fresh aromatic herbs" and Patagonia prawns sautéed with olive oil and garlic served with green garlic sprouts and roasted pork ribs served with green tomato chutney

Lamb pie with fresh mint served with fire-roasted eggplant spread and pumpkin soup with toast and Roquefort cheese

Almacen del Sur, Maipu, Mendoza, Argentina

Our day ended with a visit to a nearby winery where we ended up being escorted out by the local police who claimed that a wind storm prevented us from riding our bicycles back, and insisted on driving us on their motorcycles, lights flashing, back to the bicycle rental place where a glass of Malbec awaited us. A lovely day pretending not to be backpacking.


  1. Lina and Masha, the experience sounds great! (certanly the police men riding back to town, lol)
    Im Claudia, from Mdz Rent a Car (a family bussines on car rental in Mendoza) and we are always looking for the best experiences from turists so we can recommend it to our customers! This sound great, I'll retweet this, and share it on facebook! Maybe if I can translate it I could post it on our blog LINK


  2. Oh that food looks amazing... I used to go to an Argentinian tapas restaurant in Sydney and the food really was divine.