Monday, June 21, 2010

The wonder of Argentinan buses

In Argentina flights are expensive, and most people choose to get around by the extensive bus system in the country. While in Bolivia, where one bus journey actually had me weeping before 8am, I attempted to console myself with the stories I had heard about the Argentine buses. "Once we're over the border, the streets will be paved with gold and a guy in a tie will serve us champagne on the buses," I'd say pathetically, sitting in a sub-zero thirty-year-old bus after being forced to call yet another barren field by the side of the road a bathroom.

The thing is, Argentina is a big country so the bus journeys are very long. This is a dinner from a 23-hour trip that I took last week.

The bus food is a little bland looking, but surprisingly good and tend to always contain at least some beef, and crustless white bread sandwiches (they sell sliced bread sans crust in South America). Note the large plastic cup of vino. Even wine on the bus ain't bad in Argentina.


  1. wow this bus food actually looks like plane food! not bad!

  2. The hot food is better than airplane food!

  3. red faced ambiguousJune 30, 2010 at 3:27 PM

    Is it stil the local grass fed meat or are they using imports now?
    I read they are clearing land down there to grow the toxic and flatulence producing soybean.

  4. I think it's still all local, but I hear that soybeans are one of their biggest exports these days.