Monday, January 4, 2010

...and corn candy

I'm not one of those people that has high standards when it comes to sweets. I'll neck a Hershey bar like it ain't no thang. I'm not the sort that demands any sort of exacting quality in the sweets department. But as I mentioned before the candy in China doesn't do much for me. I'm a big fan of corn in real life, but not so sure about it in my alternate reality, China. First, there was the corn ice cream. Now there's the rubbery gummy candy, texturized to look like an ear of corn. I sent some to my mother, a woman of decidedly questionable taste, and she said it was "weirdly appealing."

That's not a bad way to describe it, though. It's so disgusting that it is almost good, like those really sour candies or stinky cheese. I felt like it was teetering on the line for me, and if I were in a more tolerant state of mind I'd be showing off about my new favorite food, corn candy. But then I ran into a bowl of these in the Air China lounge in Chengdu and a moment after depositing one into my big fat face I ended up spitting it out into my big fat hand. Mission aborted.

I emailed my mother for her final word on this candy and she wrote back: "I'd have to eat another one and I can't face it so early."


  1. Those corn gummis are delicious, I've decided. That corn flavor, combined with the satisfying starchiness of the gummi (closer to mochi than to typical Euro gummi), and of course the hit of sugar...mmmmm. Too bad I don't have any more.

  2. Yes they are delicious. I found them once at Aji Ichiban in NYC and haven't been able to find them since. do you know of on online store that sells them????

  3. I work at public health and it will be released to news today that these have extremely high levels of lead in them.