Monday, November 30, 2009


I know that many of you have been losing sleep over the lack of updates for the last few days. I just got to China and have seen the cold hard palm of oppression smacking right up against My Big Fat Face (apparently blogs aren't allowed in China).

It appears that my brother has restored my access to the free world as of today. As such, I'm still trying to finish up the Korea posts and will get to China in a few days. Long story short, I've been eating a lot of noodles.


  1. "Cold hard palm of oppression..." Nonsense, that is the loving hand of a protective parent shielding you from the slavery and corrosive influence of the capitalist oligarchy. Enjoy your time there it is probably the only time you will be truly free.

  2. Piffle. I'm sure the regime will totter and fall now that My Big Fat Face is shining the harsh light of truth on the Reds' corrupt noodle-based food practices. Be careful and don't eat any melamine.

  3. Take my advice and emigrate while you're still young enough. As you've no doubt heard, our snake oil salesman- in- chief, abetted by Hilary is selling us more war although we don't have the bodies or the money for it.