Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Prawn candy?

The Chinese are very interested in candy flavors that I, myself, am not interested in. I have bought giant pick-a-mix bags of sweets at supermarkets a couple of times in the last month, and every time I am annoyed with myself for doing so. It's always low-quality, like that fake chocolate that leaves a film on your tongue and tastes painfully artificial.

They've got remarkable flavors like corn, red beans, milk, ginseng and lima beans. I've only found one candy I like, a peanut nougat, and the rest has been decidedly unappetizing. So by the time I saw what appeared to be prawn candy, I had exhausted my internal resources and was unwilling to go through the process of buying it, trying it and hating it. I just had to trust my intuition on this one.


  1. That stuff sounds like a vehicle for chemical toxins!

    Remember Morgan Spurlock's film about eating at Mcdonald's for 30 days,and what it did to him? You must have been away for longer. How does it feel to be on a regime of crunchy bugs, suspect snacks and "street meat"?

  2. I love those prawn candies. They actually have nothing to do with shrimp what so ever, the stripes on the crunchy exterior just looks like the prawn shells. It's mostly peanut and malt sugar, don't worry :)

  3. If only I had known! Prawn candy--the one that got away.

  4. I just had a candy froma co-worker with chinese writing on it and it tastes like creamed corn.