Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ramen discovery adventure

The ramen scene in London was weak. Like, so weak that it wasn't even worth eating, despite numerous attempts on my part to find something worth stuffing into my gob. Much like Mexican food in New York, it was best avoided so as to not ruin the memories of the fine burritos had in better California days.

So imagine my delight on realizing that even the really mediocre ramen in Tokyo is better than anything London had to offer. I'm not sure that I understand this--it's not like the country of origin (and isn't China really the country of origin for ramen?) has some sort of unique claim on their specialties. I've had terrible pasta in Italy and amazing hamburgers outside of the States--Jo Burger in Dublin comes to mind. So why is it that even the crappy ramen shacks in Tokyo are just so good?

Say a prayer for my blood pressure.


  1. I'm hardly a ramen expert, but from what I gather the shops in Japan spend a great deal of time perfectign and cooking their stock with all kinds of ingredients. Like a secret potion. As where hamburgers and pasta do not take this life of dedication.

  2. That's why ramen is so much better than hamburgers. :)