Monday, April 9, 2012

Cambodia "gastro bloggers"


One of most appealing things about living in Cambodia is the occasional bout of "big fish small pond" syndrome. This week I got a taste of it when I was featured in Cambodia's AsiaLife magazine, in a feature on food blogging. Mainly because I write one of the two English-language food blogs in town.

Freelance writer Lina Goldberg's blog also highlights some of the lesser known culinary hot spots in the capital. After quitting her career at Google in 1999 (note from LG: 2009, puh-lease), American-born Goldberg set off to travel the world. Her first stop was Tokyo where she admits to “stuffing her face with obscene amounts of ramen and all sorts of izakaya dishes like sashimi and karaage”.

Like many other food enthusiasts, her culinary travels were informed by blogs. Eating Asia by Robyn Eckhardt and David Hagerman was her "bible", and enabled her to try "obscure places in countries I had never been before".

Now based in Phnom Penh, she is doing the same – with frequent postings of Cambodia’s food scenes as well as regional reviews.

"Less than a week into my trip I realised that no one in my life really wanted to be getting emails twice a day about what I had eaten for lunch, so I created a blog," she adds.


For those who want to share their lives in food, creating a blog could prove another way of satisfying a craving. But the important part, say the experts, is to enjoy it.

"Don't worry too much about whether anyone is reading your blog or not. If you're a good writer, blog about what tickles you and eventually you'll find an audience. If you're a bad writer...well, it's great practice," says Goldberg.

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  1. red faced ambiguousApril 26, 2012 at 1:38 PM

    Your self depreciation is rather endearing, but can't you leaven it with some self-aggrandizment?
    You're doing so well.

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